Friday, April 20, 2012

an introspection

it's been a week since we came back home from our company outing in davao. we had loads of fun in that trip but we also experienced a mishap in one of the extreme sports adventure we tried...

you see, one of the highlights of our trip was to try out the white water river rafting at the davao river. we were divided into two groups, with each raft carrying 6 of us plus the riverguide. we started off traversing the river with a bit of nervousness but still in high spirits.  it was actually fun going through the rapids... that was until we reached one of the major highlights...

they called that part of the rapid as "the washing machine" or "the whirlpool."  by the name itself, one can already imagine how the current is moving in that part of the rapids -- spinning round and round!

the first group went past that rapid "smoothly" and i can see them cheering after going through that rapid.  when it was our turn, deep inside i was praying for a "smooth" passage as well.  unfortunately, it did not happen for our group!  as we went through it, something went "wrong" and our raft capsized!  all 7 of us in the raft were "thrown" out of the raft.

some would have loved that adrenaline rush and revel in the water as they were carried downstream. but for someone who doesn't know how to swim nor balance or float in the water (and that was me!), panic will definitely set in and survival mode will kick in more than anything!

let me just share that apparently, it only took 3 minutes from the time we capsized to the point when we were rescued by the other riverguides and our officemates in the other raft.  but it seemed like a lifetime!

the realization over what happened did not sink in until after a few kilometers away from that rapid point.  and it was then that i started to cry.  i suddenly realized what that little accident could have impacted on my life, my family and my little boy who is barely a year old!

the result could have been worse. we didn't have any control on the situation. it was nature against us. and within that 3 minutes, i could have lost everything! 

it may be an exaggerated reaction, but that was how i felt after all the fun had subsided. 

i'd be a hypocrite to say i did not enjoy that river rafting. oh yeah, it was fun traversing and conquering that 12.8 kilometer stretch of the davao river! it was fun going through the other rapids aside from "the washing machine." it was great experiencing it with your friends and colleagues. it was a high to have done something as radical as that at least once in your life.  oh it was really fun!

but that experience made me realize a lot of things about my life. and it was such an eye opener. there were a lot of life lessons that it has reminded and taught me, among them... always thank god for everything, as in everything! the good, the bad, the little things and the big things. they all play a part in our lives and that is how we learn to face life. so next time, just simply say "thank you lord!"

...sometimes, you just have to take a risk. but when taking that risk, learn to trust in him! trust that he will be there for you no matter what. believe in his power that everything will be okay.

...that any decision we make, every step we take, not only affects us but the rest of those around us. 

... face up to your decisions. some people may not like what you decided on but be man enough to stand for it. accept it and what other people may say about it. just take it all in, then move forward.

...appreciate life! appreciate the people around you. take nothing for granted. life is short. anything can happen in an instant. live life and embrace it!

...that, no matter what, my family will always be my priority!

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