Wednesday, April 25, 2012

nikko's first out-of-town trip: tagaytay

sometimes, a spur-of-the-moment decision brings better results. and that's exactly what happened with us last saturday.

early last week, we were planning a weekend pictorial with nikko at the park for his birthday materials. nikko will be having a western-themed party, and the park was best option at the time. then, last friday, nelo mentioned about possibly going to tagaytay.

ting! light bulb moment! i said why not tomorrow (saturday)! there were horses at residence inn and it will be the perfect touch for nikko's pictorial.

we invited along my sil and her family and planned on a picnic right after the pictorial. this was also nikko's first time to travel with us outside of the city. i have no idea how to gauge his possible reaction. i forgot to mention that my 6-yr old niece aly was with us. and she adores nikko a lot!it will be riot trip!
we were ready by 6:30 am and waited for my sil. they got to our house at 7:30am, we packed all our staff in the car and we were on our way by 8am.

 you can see nikko's excitement on the road. same thing with aly as she wanted nikko to stay with her at the back. but, no can do. we just made a short stop at the shell station at south superhighway and we were off again. we told aly to take a nap first and i breastfed nikko also so he can sleep en route to tagaytay.

 we reached our destination by 9:30am. nikko woke up just in time.  it was a smooth drive until we hit a snag on the way to residence inn. it was traffic for about 30-minutes or so. turns out there was a vehicular accident along the way. but past that, we were at residence inn by 10:30am.

after parking, we got ready to change nikko's outfit. meanwhile, nelo and myla asked around for the rates.  we did not go inside residence inn anymore but just stayed outside where they had a horse track for those who wanted a horseback ride. the rate was a steal at P50 for a 3-round ride at the tracks!
 nikko was ready by that time and nelo asked the horseman to bring the horse near the car. we placed nikko on top of the horse and you can see that he's cautious but he likes it. he didn't budge a bit and he was well behaved. nelo was just behind him keeping him steady just in case. then it was pictorial time.

after that, he took a ride with his ate aly around the tracks.  love his expression! he was enjoying it but he was oh so serious. he probably knows that if he budges a bit he might fall from the horse.
after 2 rounds of horseback riding at the tracks and 3 set-ups for the pictorial, it was a wrap! picnic time! we really enjoyed the pictorial and i can sense that nikko did as well.

after the picnic, we dropped by tierra de maria for a church visit. we had to say thank you for a safe travel and for a smooth pictorial session with nikko.

 we just dropped by the good shepherd sisters, rowena's and loumar's to buy pasalubong for the family.  then it was time to go home. a very fruitful and fun weekend!


  1. I can't believe Nikko is almost one! How time flies! And he's such a good boy, behaving for the pictorial.

  2. Time really went by fast, Alby! Parang it was just recently lang when you did his newborn pictorial. :)

    And yes, he was very cooperative said shoot. Yun lang he was serious sa mga shots with the horse. :D