Thursday, April 26, 2012

scarf peek-aboo with nikko

in a recent trip to davao, we made a stop at the aldevinco shopping center. i scored a lot of good finds there and one of my fave finds was a scarf. and since i couldn't decide on the colors i wanted (read: i wanted a lot!), i settled on buying 4pcs of scarf. talk about indecisiveness! lol!

well, here's one of the scarfs i bought. i was teasing nelo on how i should wear it and he snapped this photo. it's actually a nice way to accent your shirt, if you want a little oomph to it. i think i should have worn it properly in this photo. :)
anyway, last sunday we bought books at fully booked in rockwell as a gift for nelo's inaanak. i was trying to keep nikko entertained while we wait for nelo.  and yes, i was wearing my scarf at the time.

well, nikko found a different use for my scarf. he found it an amusing tool to play peek-a-boo with mommy! he was so cute, toothy smile and all, as he played with my scarf. i think i will have to use/bring my scarf more often when we go out. :)

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