Friday, June 8, 2012

nikko had roseola

it's always hard when your baby is sick especially since he still can't tell you what he's exactly feeling.

a week ago, and just a day before his birthday, nikko suddenly had fever. we just gave him tempra/paracetamol thinking that it was just a phase. sabi kasi nila, minsan daw kung kailan mag-birthday ang bata, saka sila nagkakasakit.

nikko during his birthday party feeling sick already
unfortunately, he was still not feeling well the following day, which was his birthday. of all the days to get sick. but we couldn't do anything but just give him tenpra. sayang nga kasi hindi sya masigla sa birthday celebration nya. and it was evident when you see him. malamlam ang mata and hindi sya pala-ngiti.

that night when we got home after the party, around 9pm, his temperature shoot up to 39.0! plus, he doesn't like the taste of tempra that he throws up whatever meds you give him.  i had to call his pedia already and was advised to just monitor and bring him to the clinic on monday.  we gave him 2 cycles of tempra and monitored his condition.

sunday, just a slightly higher temperature but no fever. and, his appetite was down. he only wants to drink milk and no solids. after his afternoon nap, matamlay pa rin sya and sabi ng mama ko parang namumutla. that's when we decided to bring him to the e.r of makati med already.

we got there around 4pm.  the resident doctor checked his vitals and noticed that his throat was sore and red. we were advised to have his blood checked for possible bacterial infection. argh! it was painful to see him crying as they were extracting blood from his fingers. but we knew it had to be done.
mommy & lola holding nikko tightly during his blood extraction
nikko tired after the extraction
my poor baby, he was got so tired from crying that he fell asleep on my chest as i was carrying him. actually, ayaw nya magpababa sa bed, na-trauma ata, feeling nya siguro kukunan sya ulit ng blood if he sits there.

and so we just waited for the result. when it came out, the doctor said that based on the result, he has bacterial infection that is just starting. and it's probably from his colds and the redness in his upper respiratory tract. we were prescribed antibiotics after.

since his pedia has clinic on weekdays, i decided to hold off on giving him the meds and texted the pedia the results of the blood test and asked what i should do.  he no longer has fever by this time. but we had to wait until tuesday for the pedia visit.

monday, we had to leave for an appointment at the embassy. nikko no longer had fever but he was still sick. we left at 10am and we finished with our appointment at 2:30pm already.  when i called my mama, she said nikko did not want to drink milk from the bottle. kawawa naman, di masyado nakakakain tapos ayaw pa mag-gatas.

we had to take a quick lunch before going home. pagdating namin, buti na lang at nakatulog. nakainom naman daw ng gatas pero pinipilit pa. by the time he woke-up, i was ready to give him milk already. gutom na gutom ang baby ko. :(

tuesday morning, i noticed that he has rashes on his face. i took note of it for discussion with the pedia. i went to work early and just met-up with my mom and nikko at the pedia's clinic. i updated the pedia with all the details and the verdict -- roseola or more commonly known as tigdas hangin.
with lola while waiting for his pedia

per my pedia's explanation, and which i also checked online, it's a virus that usually starts with fever, sometimes high grade fever, the throat will also appear to be red. after that, fever will stop, then the rashes will come out. there is no meds for it nor immunization. you just have to let it run its course.

it was such a relief to hear that from the pedia. at least di naman pala totoong tigdas at mawawala din after 3-4 days.
his rashes started on his face
and then his body

by now, nikko has recovered and has regained his appetite. he's much livelier now and his energy is at a high point once more. i will have to give my baby a reward over the weekend after what he's been through. this deserves a ride in his favorite carousel ride at timezone! :D

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