Wednesday, June 20, 2012

independence day pilgrimage to antipolo

every year, the parish of san fernando de dilao in paco holds a pilgrimage to the national shrine of our lady of peace and good voyage in antipolo. this is done every june 12, independence day. the former is where we attend mass every sunday and where nelo also serves as a lay minister.

we've joined past pilgrimages but not recently. this year, we decided to join in the pilgrimage again and bring along nikko with us.  we went there with my sil and her family. the mass was scheduled at 8am and we left the house around 6:30am. it was raining when we left and nikko's outfit was just perfect for the weather.

when we got there, the previous mass has not yet finished so we had to wait. once inside, i told nikko to sit down on the church pew. good thing the lady was nice enough to let him stay there. i told nikko to hold on to his lunch box. we always bring this whenever we go out. it's filled with his favorite fruit- banana, some biscuits and his cerelac.

it was hot and humid inside the church. as expected, there were a lot of people who were attending the hourly masses. lucky for us, my sil was able to find a seat right behind the lay ministers. our mass already started around 8:30am.

nikko was behaved during the entire mass. of course there's the occasional "shrieks" from him and being carried back and forth between me and his yaya. but other than that, he was a good boy during the mass.

after the mass, we lighted a candle for our special intentions then paid homage to our lady.

then it was off to an early lunch. more on that on my next post.

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