Thursday, June 21, 2012

a visit to antipolo

after attending mass at the antipolo shrine, we had early lunch at  savory chicken at the victory mall park & shop almost across the shrine. we were one of the first customers so we were able to get a good seat.

the first and last time i was able to eat at savory chicken was in early 2000 in their escolta branch. it's been a while that i can't even remember how it tasted back then.

we ordered hototay soup, chopseuy, lumpia shanghai and the original savory chicken. my updated view of the food - the chicken was good. it was --- savory to say the least! lol! and i like the crispiness of the chicken. the hototay soup was also tasty, and the fresh egg was the perfect touch.

 i wanted to have some dessert before buying pasalubong from antipolo. i saw this cupcake place nearby but i forgot the name of the restaurant. i wanted to try their different cupcakes so i ordered three kinds -- red velvet, choco fudge and cupcake smores. then i ordered tea and carrot cake.

among the three cupcakes, i liked the red velvet the best, next was the choco fudge and last would be the smores. the last was just too sweet for me.  i actually just had a taste of the cupcakes as they were more for aly and those were the flavors she wanted.

the tea and carrot cake went well together. nelo & i liked the carrot cake. it was just the right sweetness and i love the frosting.

after dessert, off we went to the pasalubong center behind the shrine for some pasalubong. the best pasalubong from antipolo - suman sa ibos, coco jam and kasuy nuts! aling cora, the store owner gave us a sample of her suman to taste. we dipped it in muscovado sugar - yummy!

after we've satisfied our spirit at the mass and our tummies with the food, it was time to go home. hopefully we can go back to antipolo and explore more of the city. until then...

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