Friday, June 22, 2012

shopping cart ride

whenever we go for grocery shopping, nikko loves riding in the grocery cart. he likes that he sees a lot of things around the supermarket. and he probably likes the "freedom" of just sitting there instead of being carried by mommy.
nikko @ 9 months. look at the way he sits there. parang si don quixote! :)
at parang naka-akbay pa ang arms. notice may hawak syang biscuit. senorito!
and he also likes looking up at those grocery boys who goes up the ladder and pulls down their supplies. he has this big smile whenever he sees them and even giggles when he sees them going up and down.

one thing nikko likes to do lately is to stand up in the cart as we push the stuff towards the parking area. he probably thinks he's in control. we do tell him to hold tightly and we push it at just the right speed.
nikko @ 1 yr. old. he's more confident now standing inside the cart.
i'm sure when het gets bigger, he'll soon start getting things off the rack and put it in the basket. lol! i'll have to take a photo when that happens. for now, we love that he enjoys these little grocery moments. a little way to explore new things for him.

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