Sunday, June 10, 2012

lunch date: piadina

before nikko was born, hubby and i would often go out on friday nights for a dinner or a movie date.  but our friday night habits had to take a back seat with nikko around already.

with the two of us working, weekends are devoted to nikko. so we've decided to work around his schedule and opted for lunch dates instead. we get to bond at least for a short time occasionally. a little time away from the baby and just hubby and i together.

we had lunch at piadina over at greenbelt1. this is one of our favorite restaurants to go for some pizza and pasta fix.  their pizza has a thin crust and the cheese just melts in your mouth. their pasta is also good. the noodles are al dente and the portions are just right even if we share.

so what did we order?

for starters, we had grissini di pizza. these are freshly baked garlic bread sticks which comes with a special cheese dip. i like how they present the grissini, they're stacked up on a plate alternately and the dip is placed inside. i love that the bread is a bit flaky but it doesn't get soggy as you dip and eat it.

next was pizza margherita. it's a thin crust pizza with a topping of cheese, tomato sauce and basil leaves. it's sort of a vegetarian pizza. like i said, it melts in your mouth as you take a bite. and it's just light, which was a perfect pair to our pasta of coice.

pasta italspagna was the last item in our menu. it's pasta with italian sausage and spanish chorizo in creamy tomato sauce. i'm such a pasta lover that this choice was just perfect for me. it complemented the lightness of the pizza.

it was a satisfying lunch, and we got to bond as partners.  definitely worth another trip back for another lunch date soon.

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