Wednesday, June 27, 2012

gymplay at gymboree

after our father's day lunch, we brought nikko to gymboree for some play time. i actually wanted to expose him in a different setting to encourage him to try walking alone.

when we let him try walking solo at home, he's very apprehensive. he will either hold on to you or he'll just crawl. i don't want to force him to walk but i'd like him to try doing it on his own.

when we got to gymboree, there were a few kids playing also. nikko would crawl towards the balls and play with them,and he'll try going up the foam slides. and with kids around, i think he's encouraged by what he sees. so we tried to let him walk... and he did! all on his own! we definitely had to help him balance first but he was taking more baby steps compared to just doing it at home.

look at him go!

that playtime really helped push nikko further. at home, he's been walking a bit more than usual. and he's gained confidence in walking alone. i think it will still be a few weeks before he can really walk on his own but we're getting there.

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