Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hosted a street mass

last friday (june 8), our family hosted the celebration of a street mass. they situated it right in front of our house. the last time we played host to a street mass was in november 2011. nikko five months at that time.

the mass was officiated by our paris priest, fr. allan peter dialogo. he also officiated the past year's mass.

since the mass will start at 8pm, we let nikko sleep first early in the evening. we wanted him to have the energy to attend the mass with us as we knew fr. allan will give a special blessing to those celebrating their birthdays in june.

we were so happy that nikko did not get cranky at all considering that it's his sleep time already. he woke up at around 7:30pm. and just waited with us for the mass to start.

the mass promptly started at 8pm and i was also one of the readers for the mass.

before the final blessing, fr. allan asked the june celebrants to come forward to the altar. nelo carried nikko there and he was amazed at the fact that the attendants were raising their arms over him and the others as the blessing is given.

after the mass, we invited fr. allan and the church staff along with the choir to have dinner with us.  while the staff were tidying up the altar, nelo brought nikko to fr. allan and he remembered nikko! he even carried nikko and nikko was such a trooper.
our family with fr. allan
this was nikko's photo with fr. allan back in november 2011. he was 5 months old here
here is nikko now with fr. allan once more. he is exactly 1 year old
that mass was just our way of giving thanks to HIM for all that he has given us. and we are continually thanking him for giving us nikko.

we hope we can host the street mass again when it comes back to our area.

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