Thursday, June 14, 2012

stroller bike

about 2 months ago, a neighbor of ours and her almost 2 yr. old nephew was walking by our street on a stroller bike. i think it's the fad now, wherein it starts off as a stroller but can be converted into a bike when the kids gets bigger.

anyway, i didn't want to buy one before coz i knew nikko's birthday was coming up and someone might give him one as a gift.

our neighbor was gracious enough to let nikko try on the stroller bike. unfortunately, my baby loved using the stroller that it was a struggle to get him off it. and the funny thing was, whenever the neighbor's nephew sees nikko, he starts crying! he probably thinks my little boy is out to get his stroller bike! lol!

to prove my point on how he loves the stroller bike, i asked nelo to take a video while i stroll around with nikko.  the reaction says it all... :)

after that incident, i knew nikko had to get a stroller bike.  my solution - ask my sister-in-law to give it to him as a birthday gift! talk about asserting yourself. lol!
here's nikko with his new stroller bike from tita myla. this was taken the day we opened his birthday gifts.
my baby finally got his wish and he's such a happy trooper after that. he loves it when we stroll around the neighborhood and he just sits there contentedly. it's his favorite now and one of the best gifts he received on his birthday.

here's my baby during a break from his afternoon stroll

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