Friday, June 15, 2012

first haircut

after nikko's 1st birthday celebration, i've already set a schedule for his first haircut.  i don't know with you but in our family, there are certain traditions that we still follow. and that includes waiting until after the baby has turned 1 yrs old before we cut his hair.
holding on to lolo and lola on the way to cuts 4 tots

 so last sunday, right after mass, we asked my mom and dad to meet us at g4. i wanted them to see nikko during his hair cut.  we had lunch first then proceeded right after to cuts 4 tots.  apart from the haircut, we availed of the certificate for this milestone. they first took a "before" photo and then seated nikko already in the "car chair" -- which he loved! the barber prepped him up for the haircut while he "drives" his "car chair." there was also an assistant to kept on playing bubbles for nikko and also gave him a toy clapper.

being prepped up. look who's watching him
photo with daddy first

the bubble was the perfect diversion! nikko was so busy reaching out for the bubbles while the barber shaved away. my mom couldn't help but laugh as they were shaving off  nikko's hair. aliw na aliw mama ko ng makita ang head shape ni nikko habang ginugupitan!

as my mom was laughing, my dad was busy looking after nikko. he just stayed behind nikko and the barber and was intently watching the whole process. halos hindi nya tanggalin ang tingin nya kay nikko. :)

shave, shave, snip, snip!

in less than 30 minutes, the process was over. my nikko is now a shaolin kid! by the way, this haircut is called semi-kalbo #2. oh di ba! ang taray ng title!
here he is with his new look!
change of clothes after. it's itchy!
nikko really looked different with his new haircut. but i think it suits him. his mischievous personality seems heightened with this new look. di bale, bagay naman sa kanya. ngayon nga lang, madali na din makita ang pawis nya sa ulo. lol! i think we'll stick to this look for a little while. :)
my little shaolin with lolo and lola
and with mommy & daddy

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