Saturday, June 23, 2012

father's day celebration

it was a simple father's day celebration for us. just our usual sunday mass and lunch out. what made it special though was, nikko is much bigger now and we totally enjoy every minute with him.
 we wanted nikko to have a gym play session at gymboree after lunch so we decided to have lunch at friday's in bonifacio high street. we let nikko explore a bit as we headed off to friday's.

at friday's we ordered french onion soup for nikko. we also gave him some fries. for us, we got a caesar salad, mushroom chicken and mushroom, friday's pork adobo and chicken fingers.

caesar salad. the perfect way to start the meal. it was light and tasted just right.
french onion soup. nikko liked it. it had this big crouton inside soaked by the soup. the cheese coating was yummy.
mushroom chicken mushroom. it was just okay. nothing really fancy.
friday's pork adobo. the meat was tender and savory. but the dip was too salty for me.
chicken fingers. a simple dish and yet the best for me that afternoon.
 after lunch, as we headed off to gymboree, we stopped by the musical pipes at high street. nikko liked the sound it makes. i'm sure he'll be able to explore it even more as he gets bigger.

then it was off to gymboree for his gym play!

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