Tuesday, July 3, 2012

high chair, my chair

with nikko eating more regular food now, we've made it a habit that he stays with us by the table during mealtimes. i want him to develop the habit that we should all eat together during mealtime and no running around. i know there will be days/moments when we might bend this rule but i want it followed as much as possible.

he actually got a booster chair as a gift from his ninong joel during his christening. but the problem was, with nikko getting bigger, he couldn't fit in the booster chair anymore. so we ended up just letting him sit on my lap or lola's while he eats. or sometimes, we put him inside his crib, place it by the table and that's where he stays during mealtime.
nikko was almost 7 months when we started him on the booster chair
i wanted to get him a high chair but the price of a brand new unit was off my budget. i was open to buying a pre-loved unit as long as i can find one. thankfully, i did! karen, a scrapper friend and a fellow n@wie posted about selling her high chair for a minimal cost. it had a few tear but was still in good condition. when i inquired from her, she said she'll just give it to me and i can just use the money to have the tear repaired. yipee!

it was off to binondo for us two weekends ago to pick-up the item. the unit was good and you can see that they've really taken care of it and to think it's almost three years old already.

we set it up as soon as we got home and we let nikko "test drive" it. he loved it! he's been sitting in that chair every mealtime and he sits like a king while we feed him. it was worth everything and very much thankful to karen. :)
nikko, now at 12months, on his pre-loved high chair, with daddy

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