Thursday, July 5, 2012

long distance "love affair"

since my in-laws lives in dipolog, it's routine for us to call them every week, just to give them an update on what's happening with nikko. often times it would be on a weekend but we also call during weekdays.and since we know they want to "talk to" nikko, we call them in the mornings when he's awake.
nikko with papalo & mamala during their visit last june

nikko doesn't "talk" that much though, he just listens. and when we tell him to kiss mamala & papalo, he'll kiss the phone. and when we tell him to say goodbye, he waves his hands. and we describe these to mama & papa and we know they're happy hearing it.

with this simple routine, we're able to teach nikko the value of connecting with my in-laws. and how important it is to stay in touch with them even through just a phone call. i hope that when he gets bigger, he'll be more receptive and that he will talk to them often and share his own stories.

here is a storybook of nikko before we called mama this morning. i love how i was able to capture these photos.

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