Friday, July 6, 2012

carousel lover

oh yes! our little nikko goes nuts over carousels! he likes them, let me repeat that, he loves them! his eyes light up whenever he takes a ride on a carousel and one round is not enough.

i remember the first time we let him ride a carousel, it was at eastwood city and we saw it just by chance. nikko was 7months then. just look at how his face lit up as he was on the carousel. and there was also a horse ride there which he liked a lot! that actually sparked the idea of using a western/cowboy theme for his 1st birthday.
nikko at 7months, on his first ride in a carousel

in another ride at market market
he's probably fascinated with riding a horse that when we took him to tagaytay for his birthday pictorial, he was in awe of the real thing.
nikko at 10months, riding on a real horse at tagaytay with ate aly

now everytime we're out in the mall, we try to look for a carousel, small or large, to give him that carousel fix. he still loves it until now.
top (left) photo: at trinoma in february '11; top (right) photo: glorietta in may '12;  top (center) photo: at trinoma in june '12

the only thing is, he now cries when we get him off the carousel! lol!
at trinoma, june 2012

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